Schooling But Steady Away!

Hi Everyone,

I am moaning more than usual at the moment. Why? Well it’s because it will not bloody rain!
We really do need the elusive rain, not only for the schooling grounds but for racecourses across the country in general.
A blustery morning, Keith Mercer arrived in plenty of time prior to schooling.
Jayne makes us all a cup of tea (no biscuits for Keith) and we sit down and discuss plans.
Little to do due to the prevailing conditions, however we will give “Laterly” a little pop on his own. After that we will let “Brunswick Gold” give a lead again to the German bred “Landesherr”.  The most interesting part of the morning will be seeing “Into Wain” making his debut on the main schooling ground. A lovely type with a temperament to match, this quality flat performer is a horse that stirs the emotion and motivates me!

“Brunswick Gold” (Shane McAuley) shows his contempt for the young pretender “Landesherr” (Keith Mercer) by showing him a clean pair of heels, literally!

Although a free sweater, “Landesherr” is looking a natural over hurdles –
German build quality at its best, “Vorsprung Durch Technik”!!!!

From any angle its hard to fault the progressive and quick learning “Landesherr”.

Flat bred “Into Wain” (nearest) and “Brunswick Gold” walk down to start their schooling.
Two exceptional looking horses.

“Into Wain” (Keith Mercer) makes the transition to the main schooling ground look easy.
Making lovely shapes in his slow paces, he impresses. Very happy and no longer moaning!

I fitted a headcam to the hat of Keith Mercer, however due to a technical error (wasn’t switched on properly) we did not get any footage.
Next time we hope to go one better and share the experience with you all.
The photographs were courtesy of Jayne!

Steve Gollings.            


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